Storytelling in Education

Primary Schools

Through a contact in London, I was approached to work with children in a Primary school in the West of the city. The pupils are mainly from immigrant families, often of refugee status, hailing from countries such as Iraq, Turkey (Kurdish) and Somalia. They, and their families have experienced more than the average amount of loss and change. I decided to involve the talents of a wonderful storyteller, Sef Townsend ( He has worked extensively with refugee families, and also speaks Arabic! Our aim has been to increase oral particpation, listening skills and self-confidence. We have worked with four classes now, for two whole days each.


Our blend of male/female facilitators has been very successful and we have had great fun telling and re-telling traditional stories from East and West as well as dancing, singing and playing games. The feedback from class teacher and children has been very positive. "I thought the programe was wonderful, thank you so much. You really captured what the children needed, and I know they really enjoyed working with you and Sef. " – Head Teacher


Early Years

With musician and singer Rachel Newton I recently piloted a Story and Music project with Early Years classes in North Lanarkshire on behalf of my old collaborators, Feis Rois. Teachers were amazed at how the children took turns and showed patience in our work together. We came up with some pretty creative versions of traditional stories, weaving them with music, singing and dance.